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December 30, 2012
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Fall of the Night Guardian by ShadoWolfozo Fall of the Night Guardian by ShadoWolfozo
Edit: 1-12-12000 views? /falls over
(and quickly nearing 13,000!)

Man had I known this would get so much attention I'd started doing these earlier, I love you guys! :D

~Has been my most viewed deviation since just under 2000 views and is now my most faved piece.

Thank you all for the views, faves, wonderful comments and watches ~ I love you all ^_^


Edit: At least the one piece of art I ever do that gets over 7000 views is a serious one.

Thanks everyone ;)

Edit: Wow! Over 4000 views! Far out, Thank you everyone!


Thank you Equestria Daily! ;)


I am not all that familiar with the use of the Royal Voice in the cartoon (haven't seen past S2Ep2) and for the sake of making it easy to read - (as well as the fact NMM doesn't use the royal voice in S1Ep1) I just kept with normal English)


I feel bad for NMM both in the show and in this comic. She did bring it upon herself with trying to bring eternal night, but in the end she was still Celestia's sister and was forced to the torment of 1000 years alone.
I do not blame her for wanting revenge upon her return - she may have surrendered her fight for darkening Equestria forever after initially being defeated, but 1000 years is a long, cruel amount of time and vengeance is probably all she could think about.

Isn't it incredibly weird how - despite NMM's return destined to be at its 1000th year anniversary / Summer Sun Celebration - that she returns JUST as Twilight starts reading about her?

Anyway, if you don't recognize the reference in the comic, I'll explain it below.

If you wish not to see spoilers of the movie 'Rise of the Guardians' skip to the stuff under the ------

A guardian gets their power from those who believe in them. If a Guardian isn't believed in (or feared in Pitch's case) then they lose their power and become invisible to everyone but other Guardians.
For an example of power loss, the Easter Bunny is an anthro-bunny in his normal state but when he is not believed in, he literally shrinks and turns into just another regular rabbit (that can talk).

Basically, I got the idea from the movie and merged it with MLP and Nightmare Moon's banishment.
However instead of being banished to the moon, Celestia cast a spell on all the folk in Equestria to no longer fear nor believe in NMM (supported by the way no one but Twilight knows about her in S1Ep1). Because she is no longer feared nor believed in, she becomes invisible - and any living thing can simply pass right through her - but she also can't wreak havoc or alter the moon/sun because her powers have faded.

During the movie, if a Guardian isn't believed in and a real person runs through them (because they can't see them) it's a real shock for that Guardian. This is reflected in NMM's expression in the 2nd last panel.

As a result, NMM actually imprisons herself on the moon until the spell wears off and she senses the presence of one who believes.

It was proven in the movie it literally only takes 1 to believe for majority of their power to come back/remain. Unfortunately that 1 was Twilight...

/cue Episode 1.


I figured the Temple where the elements were stored would not have been damaged and such 1000 years prior to the mane 6 discovering it so there is no damage or cobwebs or anything.

There are only a few non-canon things I support when it comes to MLP.
One of them I don't agree with, is that whatever happened when Celestia banished NMM, she was not being this... 'Trollestia'.

Granted I still find some of the Trollestia stuff a little funny, when it comes to banishing NMM it's really not funny anymore. You can't joke about banishing your sister to the moon for 1000 years.

Fun Facts about the Comic:
-The whole thing began with this:

-The original file size of the comic was 3929 x 25182 px

-I had to save the characters, background and speech bubbles/border/etc. as 3 seperate files and merge them - or my computer would have crashed. (Note to self, work smaller next time...)

-All backgrounds and characters are drawn by me from several references found on google and dA. References were used for the two Royal Guards, the temple, the 'Mare in the Moon' Moon and the outside night panel backgrounds. However everything was drawn by hand, nothing was traced. No references were used for Celestia or NMM other than for colour reference.

-It took half a week to make this (majority hours of the day) not including the original 'Last Chance' image.

-Royal Guards are a Royal PAIN to draw.

Comic and Art :iconshadowolfozo:
MLP:FiM Hasbro

My parents and pretty much everyone in real life (off-internet) aside from a select few don't support my liking of MLP: FiM and it was awkward drawing it in our open computer room but nevertheless I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed making this so I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did drawing it ;)

1000 years later

:iconnightmaremoonplz: MAHAHAHAHA! I have returned - Equestria has seen it's last light of day! Now, the night will last forever! MAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!


:icontwilightomfgplz: Oops...
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AleuTheSilverWolf Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this!  One day I wish to do a Jack Frost and Nightmare Moon crosscover :3
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wisedomsdaughter Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my gosh just wow. I'm obsessed with Rise of the Guardians so this really hit me hard and then I love MLP so okay I'm hyper
ShadoWolfozo Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D great movie ^_^
BronyForLife99 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
I'm sure Celestia could have tackled this situation in some other way, other than send Luna to the moon and cause more trouble when she turned into Nightmare Moon.
ShadoWolfozo Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What was done was done.
Her judgement was most likely clouded due to the enemy being her sister.
BronyForLife99 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
True...but maybe had she considered her sister's feelings, I'm trying to say that disaster could have been averted, even though you are right.
socoolyetdeadly Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
haha who dosent
ill beat her up with a banana
Mikkillerib Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
heh. i totally got that reference. well done. oh and Twi, you may wanna rethink next time you are investigating a ancient myth. you might end up summoning something stronger than Nightmare Moon.
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